This is a well-written article and Dr Peterson has many great ideas in addition to being a well-respected researcher and practicing psychologist. How, if at all, do you reconcile the extremely helpful and insightful views he’s espouses and that you’ve so aptly summarized here with his noted transphobia and misogyny? I know those are bold accusations, but he literally leapt into the public eye in 2016 by loudly stating he would never refer to a transgender person by their preferred pronouns. He declared he would pay any fine and go on a hunger strike rather than acknowledge a transgender persons existence. He has also declared that feminists “have “an unconscious wish for brutal male domination,” referred to developing nations as “pits of catastrophe” in a speech to a Dutch far-right group, and recently told a Times reporter that he supported “enforced monogamy.” He routinely tears down feminists who speak up and those who support them as shown in this tweet where he calls feminism a ‘murderous equity doctrine’

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I want to support his ideas because I think they’re valuable but as a transgender person, a feminist, and a woman, he doesn’t seem to want to accept me.

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Transgender data scientist and parent to two children.

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